Workflow Management Coalition

Founded in 1993, the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is a global organization of adopters, developers, consultants, analysts, as well as university and research groups engaged in workflow and BPM. The WfMC creates and contributes to process related standards, educates the market on related issues, and is the only standards organization that concentrates purely on process. The WfMC created Wf-XML and XPDL, the leading process definition language used today in over 80 known solutions to store and exchange process models. XPDL is a process design format for storing the visual diagram and all design time attributes.product attributes.

Join the Conversation with industry experts!

Want to learn how to deal with unpredictable, unstructured business processes?

Participate July 15th at 12 pm EST in the  Tweet Jam Session: Mastering the Unpredictable with Adaptive Case Management  (#acmjam)

Connie Moore of Forrester Research along with authors of the newly published Mastering the Unpredictable book will host a Tweet Jam on July 15, 2010 from Noon

  • How does analytics enter the picture?
  • Describe how process modeling for ACM might differ from BPM. Will BPMN be useful for ACM?
  • Is there such a thing as "Social BPM" or "Social Case Management"?  What does that mean to you?
  • Do we really expect ACM to displace the current tools used by knowledge workers?
  • How do you measure success in an ACM implementation?
  • What are some best practices for getting started with ACM?
  • What process improvement methodology/discipline are you using with Case Management - does it matter?
  • We want to hear your voice: Get your complimentary copy of Mastering the Unpredictable book.  Ten (10) books will be given to the most active and relevant participants in the discussion! 

    Join the interactive conversation:  simply tune in to the #acmjam hash tag on Twitter or follow at Connie Moore (@cmooreforrester).   You can also tune in to coverage of the Tweet Jam at:

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