Workflow Management Coalition

Founded in 1993, the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is a global organization of adopters, developers, consultants, analysts, as well as university and research groups engaged in workflow and BPM. The WfMC creates and contributes to process related standards, educates the market on related issues, and is the only standards organization that concentrates purely on process. The WfMC created Wf-XML and XPDL, the leading process definition language used today in over 80 known solutions to store and exchange process models. XPDL is a process design format for storing the visual diagram and all design time attributes.product attributes.

Enterprise Process Automation Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, July 28th from 11 -12 noon for our webinar on Enterprise Process Automation, with Roy Altman, CEO and founder of Peopleserv, Inc.  You are invited to attend this webinar as our guest. 

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