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Wf-XML Deferred

Issue 2
Activities in a process

Rainer Weber CT0032 ProcessInstance.PropFind says "... activities defined in this process". What does "defined"

mean? Those that have already been created (some others might only be created later on as the

process proceeds). Proposal: Clarify. I suggest: "Those that have already been

created and are exposed via SWAP" (there might be other activities that a process would not

like to tell to the outside.

Issue 4

Rainer Weber CT0038 Who calls this method?

Proposal: Clarify.

Issue 6
Data Types

Rainer Weber CT0042 Section 1.7 suggests to use the ODBC datatypes. In the rest of the

paper I did not see that these datatypes are used.

Proposal: Discuss: Is it important to fix the data types?

Oliver Rode CT0055 I have a technical comment about the wf-XML alpha specification: I've detected that the data

types (section 1.8) in wf-XML specs do not match the data type ranges at the WPDL

definition in If 1 specs WfMC TC-1016P (doc status 7.04) (section 4.2.2). Couldn't this

maybe result in problems ?

E.g.: unlimited string size vs. limited size, 19-digit integer vs. 32-bit

integer, 15-digit precision float vs. 64-bit float

Effat Peyrovian CT0056 I agree with Oliver's observation regarding Data Types Definition. I think that the WfMC

should look more closely at data types definition. The ODBC-extracted data types were

included as a suggested enhancement to the standard DTD structures. The Coalition needs to

decide if hey would prefer to define their own data types or they would rather use the

developing XML schema data typing, as there has been some progress in this area by W3C.

Michael Rossi CT0057 The W3C is developing a new schema language for XML documents/data aimed at addressing

many of the issues that arise when dealing with data from an application perspective, things

like we ran into with the swap spec (particularly data typing). This new schema language is

expected to subsume (or at least provide an alternative to) DTDs as the data modeling

language for XML.

If the WfMC wishes to implement XML-based specifications it should certainly monitor the

progress of these types of efforts. In particular, the latest working draft of the XML Schema

group's specification is said to be fairly close to completion, and we would recommend that

the coalition review it (or at least the data typing part of it). Then we can determine if it meets

our data modeling requirements. In any case, there's bound to be at least some inconsistency

between the new XML data types and those the WfMC has previously defined. But we think

the Schema types will be flexible enough to accomodate changes the coalition would want to

make, you can certainly define your own data types within the confines of the language the

way you would with C/C++/Java.

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