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Issue 48
Changing State

Resolution: Status is like a property, and setting the status property to a new value would be the same as commanding

it to change state.

Michael Rossi CT0125 This issue has no associated comments.

Issue 49
ProcessInstance.PropFind: Priority 1--5

Resolution: Priority range of 1--5 is chosen.

Keith Swenson CT0012 About the note before example 9. Yes, the idea was for status to be like a property, and setting the

status property to a new value would be the same as commanding it to change state.

Rainer Weber CT0046 Priority 1 .. 5

Is 1 .. 5 arbitrary?

Proposal: Discuss. Maybe this must just be fixed to some

range, and 1 .. 5 might be okay.

Issue 50
Scope of the Specification

Resolution: Focus is on ProcessDefinition, ProcessInstance and Observer interfaces for the first version of the

specification. All of the interfaces and related methods are reflected in the following chart:

ProcessDefinition ProcessInstance Observer Operations supported are as follows:

GetProcessInstanceData CreateProcessInstance ChangeProcessInstanceState

Shunsuke Akifuji CT0060 I think current WF-XML specification is too complicated, So I agree to determine a small set of


Shunsuke Akifuji CT0062 The methods to set/get data, included in PropPatch/PropFind, are not always necessary. Integrate

to other XML specification is an important purpose of WF-XML specification. I believe it was

the reason we stared WF-XML specification. These methods are provided by other XML/EDI

standards such as Biztalk.

David CT0071 I agree that a rationalisation and reduction makes sense, in the context of Interoperability.

However there are a few areas which whilst omitted from an initial version may need inclusion in a

subsequent version. (a) Currently there is no finer granularity work object than process instance.

This will be inflexible where simple tasks need to be distributed. It can wait till a v2 but will be

needed eventually.

(b) There needs to be a terminate on process instance (see Edna Murby's comments). (c) Activity

observer & entrypoint can go (certainly as far as this version is concerned) (d) Observer - We need

to scope out how parallel synchronised models will be supported; these will need multiple

observers (or some form of observer fan-out - or other co-ordination mechanism). Again may be

feasible to leave to a v2.

(e) Propfind can be limited to status information as suggested by IBM. A new method will be

required when we move to process definition support, which deals with the structure related

meta-data. (f) Subscribe, unsubscribe, get_history will all be needed eventually in the

wider view (e.g. they are I/F 5 related), but I agree are not high priority in the current

interoperability focus.

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