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Edna Murby CT0076.5 1.10--Page 4--ActivityObserver is not in the scope of the initial --ActivityObserver should be

added to the next paragraph, where the other supporting interfaces which are not part of the initial

core implementation are listed

Edna Murby CT0076.6 1.10--Page 4--Agree that modification and completion of exception handling is required, and

Section 3 requires more work and should not be considered within the scope of the specification

at this time--Proposal Modification:Discussion. How much should be planned for the first full

version of the standard? What are the thoughts on this?

Edna Murby CT0081 2.2.2--Page 7--Security may be out of the scope of the document since it is related to

implementation; maybe it would be best to consider it as a part of Section 3 which discussed

contractual agreement between sender and receiver and the associated implementation details.

Proposed Modification: We would like to propose additional discussion on the initial

hand-shaking between the two interacting parties, as well as moving the issue of security to

Edna Murby CT0089 2.2.6--Page 11, all--Example 7, line 6: Propfind is about two things, Meta-Data and

Status-Info--Proposed Modification: We propose that Propfind is focused on the status

information instead of the structure (meta-data) information. --Rational: It is not clear whether this

operation on ProcessDefinition should be part of the initial set of functions.

Edna Murby CT0090 2.2.6--Page 10--Summary of methods and interfaces in the specification.-- Proposed Modification:

For core methods, we propose ProcessDefinition, ProcessInstance and Observer. The interfaces

we propose for these methods is described in more detail in Attachment 1, with an updated table

from Appendix A. Rational: Define scope of specification

Edna Murby CT0094 2.2.6--Page 21--Comment on the Subscribe, Unsubscribe and GetHistory paragraph: Not part of

IF4-- Proposed Modification: Remove requirement for these methods from core implementation

Rational: Define scope of specification

Edna Murby CT0095 2.2.6--Page 37--Comment on Entry Point: Not in IF4-- Proposed Modification: Remove from

specification for now. Rational: Define scope of specification.

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