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WfMC Announces Robert Shapiro as 2005 Recipient
Manheim Award for Significant Contributions
in the Field of Workflow


October 13, 2005. Seoul, Korea. The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) announced here today that Robert Shapiro has been selected as the 2005 recipient of the prestigious Marvin L Manheim Award.

Robert Shapiro was recognized for his workflow design innovation and long-standing contributions to industry workflow standards. Robert has been a driving force in the creation and promotion of graphical techniques for modeling, analyzing and simulating complex systems. As founder and CEO of Meta Software Corporation, he directed the implementation of a unique suite of graphical modeling and optimization tools for enterprise wide business process improvement. As a participant in the Workflow Management Coalition and chair of the working group on process definition interchange, he plays a critical role in the development of international standards for workflow and business process management.

Robert’s involvement with workflow and business process management began in the 90s when he developed bridges between Meta Software’s BPA tools and a number of Workflow products (FileNet Visual Workflow, Plexus FloWare, Xerox InConcert are examples). The bridges were based on WPDL, the first WfMC process interchange standard, which he worked on and served as editor of the final version of the specification. Other key pieces of the technology included a variety of commercial simulators as well as a Petri Net simulator constructed under his direction.

In 2000 Robert formed a new company, Cape Visions, solely focused on reporting, analysis and forecasting for Business Process management systems. The technology was entirely standards-based, with XPDL playing a crucial role. Robert has chaired Working Group 1 of the WfMC and driven the work on XPDL from its inception to the most recent release: XPDL 2.0. Under his direction, Cape Visions built event logging, OLAP-based reporting and a new simulation technology conceived specifically for XPDL. In addition, a graphical process definition tool using Visio and based on XPDL was created and offered as freeware to the BPM community.

In 2005, recognizing the need for enhancing XPDL and taking advantage of the graphical ideas developed in BPMN, Robert spearheaded the effort to combine XPDL and BPMN to produce XPDL 2.0.

“I am honored to receive the Manheim Award. I have believed for many years that the ability to transfer process definitions between design tools, execution engines and analysis tools using internationally recognized standards would accelerate the development of Business Process Management technology and enhance the benefits of this technology to the user community,” said Robert Shapiro on accepting the award. “In particular, support of continuous process improvement, cycling through design, implementation, execution, monitoring, analysis and optimization using simulation and goal directed techniques, offers significant economic benefits to the industry. I am proud to have worked with the WfMC and to have contributed to this ongoing effort."

The Cape Visions XPDL technology was adopted by a number of companies, including FileNet, Fujitsu, PegaSystems, Global 360 and Tower Technology.

In January 2005 Robert Shapiro joined Global 360 as Senior Vice President and remains President of Cape Visions, now a subsidiary of Global 360.

Global 360 is developing a new product, BOS, using XPDL as the principal integrator of its modeling, analysis, optimization and reporting technologies which sit on top of the companies diverse BPM execution engines.

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Marvin L Manheim Award

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