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Workflow Handbook

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Workflow and BPM Research

Call for papers: Workflow Handbook 2007

Please use the form below to submit your abstract and resume.

Abstract deadline:  November 10, 2006

Final Deadline for completed papers: January 30, 2007

Launch date: May 22, 2006 at the Transformation and Innovation 2007  Conference in Washington DC

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The Workflow Handbook 2007 from the WfMC continues tradition as the only international definitive reference on workflow and business process management. 

The papers published in this annual series have proved to be a significant contribution to the body of knowledge within this industry. The contributing authors (and their organizations) receive worldwide recognition for their respective roles as leaders at the forefront of business process technology, its growth, evolution and implementation.

To view the list of the authors that were accepted last year, please visit the Workflow Handbook 2006.

Abstracts should be submitted by November 10, 2006 for consideration by the External Relations Committee (ERC) and you will be notified by end of November whether your proposal has been accepted. The final deadline for completed papers is January 30, 2007. Papers that have been published elsewhere are acceptable, as long as they conform to our guidelines and you are able to obtain permission to reproduce them.

Note: All we need at this time is a SHORT abstract or description of your proposed paper (about one or two paragraphs), and a very SHORT form of your biography or CV.  Please use the form below. We’ll get back to you immediately if we require further information.

Proposals for papers are invited from all WfMC members, and will be accepted only if your membership is in good standing. Preference will be given to Full and Associate/Academic members. Papers will be accepted from non-members at the ERC’s discretion.

To join the WfMC, membership information is here.

To familiarize yourself with the type of topics that were accepted last year, please visit the Workflow Handbook 2006 and click on Introduction (PDF).

Part I: The World of Workflow introduces key concepts and sets out the business case for workflow technology and BPM. This perspective is covered by articles that:

bullet relate current and new technologies to Workflow and BPM
bulletbusiness process management
bulletweb services
bullet show how an emphasis on quality can be realized with Workflow
bullet provide practical information including real life case studies
bulletshow how workflow integration enhances productivity

Technical standards are covered in Part II and the last section provides a comprehensive listing of workflow resources. The Workflow Handbook is designed as a one-stop source for organizations seeking or already committed to implementing workflow systems as part of their IT and EC strategy.

The main features of the Workflow Handbook 2007 will be:

bullet comprehensive coverage of the many aspects of Workflow and BPM
bullet published software specifications for various parts of a Workflow system
bulletpapers on the use of standards produced by the WfMC
bullet an accessible, authoritative reference work of considerable stature
bullet a glossary of workflow terminology in current use
bullet directory of WfMC members in good standing

To familiarize yourself with the type of topics that were accepted last year, please visit the Workflow Handbook 2006 and click on Introduction (PDF).

Chapter Guidelines:

bullet Because the title is "Workflow Handbook 2007" please be forward-looking in your thinking when writing your paper.
bullet Resist stating the obvious (or the old and tired) with regard to describing or defining workflow, e-commerce or the Internet; we will be including the WfMC glossary and commencing with a comprehensive workflow primer as an introduction.
bullet The purpose of the Handbook is to educate both new and existing users of workflow, therefore please avoid gratuitous self-promotion of your own company's products and services when offering examples of workflow and related technologies. This is not an advertising medium - this is a reference and educational work. The reader should be able to draw the inference of product excellence from the fact that your paper has been published in the Handbook.
bullet The length of the paper should be about 3000-5000 words (about 12-14 pages).
If you need additional space to adequately present your case, please try not to exceed 7,000 words.
bullet  Page settings: Page size=B5 or Executive; Margins=1" all round; Header/Footer=0.5";Text Font=Bookman Old Style, single spacing no indent; Font size=10pt. Headings=Arial Narrow small caps upper/lower 12pt; Sub-headings= Bookman Old Style Bold Italic. 10pt
bulletIf you plan to include tables, diagrams or graphics, please ensure that they will fit within the column width of 4.5" and can print clearly in black and white. Colorful screen shots do not reproduce well.

The annual Workflow Handbook is edited by Layna Fischer, editor/publisher of Future Strategies Inc., which publishes several workflow-related books including the Excellence in Practice Series, with the final selection of papers and content made in collaboration with the WfMC.

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Short resume / CV
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Please print out this form for your records before submitting it.

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Any questions about your proposal should be directed to Ms Fischer at [email protected]

Future Strategies Inc
2436 North Federal Highway #374, 
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064, USA
Phone: 954 782-3376 Fax: 954 782-6365

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