WfMC Members receive full-access to the Coalition’s online library and professional resource database, containing over 1,000 research reports, published papers, technical white papers, learning aides, peer-reviewed case studies, and many other tools. 

Below is a partial listing of the documents in the WfMC Library and Resource Database:

 A Comparison of XML Interchange


Formats for Business Process Modeling


A Workflow Framework for Grid Services


Agent Technology & Process Automation


Agent-Based Integration of Web


Services With Workflow Management



Agent-Based Integration of Web

Services with Workflow Management



Agile Business Process Modeling

Framework & Enterprise Architecture


Aligning Process Automation & Business

Intelligence to Support Corporate

 Performance Management


An Evaluation of Conceptual Business

Process Modeling Languages


An Ontology Framework For Semantic

Business Process Management


Automation of Bioinformatics Processes

Through Workflow Management



Bioinformatics Workflow Management


BPM Case Study: Chester County


BPM Center of Excellence


Business Activity Monitoring


Business Modeling Is Not Process



Business Process Architecture





Business Process Automation &

Web Service Choreography

Business Process Automation In Financial Services


Business Process Automation In Retail


Business Process Design & Reengineering


Business Process Management For

Convergent Services Provisioning


Business Process Re-engineering

GAP Analysis


Changing the New Product

Development Process Reengineering


Collaborative Work Management


Comparative Study of Business

Process Reengineering In China


Constraint Enabled Process Modeling


Core Telecom Business Processes


Deriving Simulation Models from

Business Process Models


Development of The Workflow

Management System


Distributed Workflow Management



Document Centric Workflow

Management System


Employee Competencies For

Business Process Management

Management With Simulation



Enhancing Process Modeling

Using Ontologies


Event-Driven Workflow Management


Exception Handling In Workflow

Management Systems


Grid-Based Workflow Management


How to Measure The Control-Flow


Mapping Scientific Workflows

Into The Grid


Massively Parallel Workflow


Ontology For Workflow Management


Ontology-Based Business


Process Management


Person-To-Person Business


Process Management


Policy Resolution In Workflow


Management Systems


Programming In XPDL


Rationality Validation of Business


Process Model


Scientific Workflow Management


Semantic Business Process Modeling

Semantic Services For Business

Process Management

Semantically Enhanced Business Process Modeling Notation

Service Coordination Framework


State of the Art of Standards in Business


Process Modeling & Execution


Structured Business Process Modeling


Taxonomy of Workflow Management

Systems For Grid Computing


Towards Simulation-Based BPM


Using BPM to Manage Risks Workflow & Business Rules


Workflow Application Architectures


Workflow For Interactive Internet



Workflow Framework For Grid Services


Workflow Implementation


Workflow in Grid Systems


Workflow Management System

For Bioinformatics Grid


Workflow Mining

Workflow Process Modeling